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Antenna 5 GHz Panel Box 19 U.Fl

Antenna 5 GHz Panel Box 19 MMCX

product code: #AX11170


Antenna 5 GHz Panel Box 19 MMCX

Integrated 19 dBi Panel Antenna, MMCX, For RB411 / RB711/ RB411AH

Product description:

Antena Box 5GHz - RB411 -RB711- MMCX


Eatherproof box for outdoor use with built-in 19dBi antenna is designed for RouterBoard RB411/WispStation processor boards. Boards are assembled to AntenaBox using by distance funnels fixed on metal back plate. Product is ideal for wireless client(CPE) application in band 5GHz. Very compact, lightweight and easy to use product is offerring price as never before. Antenna holder and pigtail are supplied along with antenna box.

  • gain 18,5dB +/- 0,5dB
  • Beamwidth (-3dB) - 18 deg.
  • Freq. Band 5200-5800MHz
  • VSWR  - 1,5
  • connector - RPSMA - MMCX
  • Vertical polarization