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Antenna 2,4 GHz Sector 17V Revse

product code: #AX11469


Antenna 2,4 GHz Sector 17V Revse

Vertical Polarization / Vertical/Horizontal width beam: 17 / 120 degree / N Female Socket

Product description:

High gained sector antenna working on a vertical polarization with the gain of 17 dBi. It is suitable to use in base station in areas where work a lot of horizontal-polarization antennas. The gain of 17 dBi makes create long links easier. A shield is made of durable ABS material, this enclosure protects our antennas fully from severe weather conditions. The bracket offers 20 degrees of mechanical up or down tilt. 2,4 GHz Sector 17V Revse antenna comes with N Female connector in standard.

Gain 17 dBi
Operating frequency 2.4 - 2.5 GHz
Vertical beam width 14 degrees
Horizontal beam width 120 degrees
Connector N (Female) socket
Polarization vertical