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Antenna 2,4 GHz Panel 16 Revse

product code: #AX11468


Antenna 2,4 GHz Panel 16 Revse


Product description:

The antenna has a handle, which allows to work in a horizontal or vertical polarization. Through to a very modern design of microstrip and the execution of low loss antenna achieves high directional gain. Standard cable terminated RF5 of different lengths, and any antenna connector. The antenna can be mounted using the outer clamp mast tube, and handles the balcony on the facade of the building. In compliance with the access point in the outer casing and a short antenna cable is the most economical solution and an optimal set of client in action.


Type Microstrip, directional
Polarization vertical, horizontal
Frequency 2400 - 2500 MHz
Gain 16 dBi
Impedance 50 Ω
VSWR ≤ 1.5
-3 dB vertical 15 °
-3 dB horizontal 30 °
Cennector N Female socket
Dimensions 158 x 333 x 40 mm
Weight without cable 0.80 kg
Mount Φ 35 ÷ 50 mm