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Pigtail R-SMA/UF.L Jirous Robust antenna holder JDMW-900 Mi Jirous

Precision antenna holder JDMW-900 Jirous


product code: #AX13233


Precision antenna holder JDMW-900 Jirous

Product description:

  • antennas for microwave links up to 90 GHz
  • wifi antennas at the frequency range 5GHz
Parabolic antenna JRC-24 DuplEX Precision
Parabolic antenna JRC-29 DuplEX Precision
Parabolic antenna JRC-32 DuplEX Precision
  • holder is designed for the easy manipulation and high stability of the antennas
  • highly anticorrosive
  • fine elevation and azimuth adjustment
  • right and left assembling
  • for all screws you need only one spanner n. 17
  • easy mounting
  • all threads are reinforced with stainless steel insert

Technical parameters:
Antenna diameter max. 1000 mm
Installation on mast ø 40 - 120 mm
Fine adjustment of azimut ±20°
Fine adjustment of elevation ±20°

Easy mounting:
During assembly all parts keep together and nothing can fall (screws, nuts...)
At first, you can install a bracket without heavy antenna and roughly direct it
Hang up the antenna by the screw on the bracket

(pad is fixed at the head of the screw)

Fine adjustment of azimuth
Fine adjustment of elevation
Surface treatment:
JDMW - 900 sandblasting + elox

Luxury extra hard anti-corrosion surface protection. The surface is sandblasted before eloxal coating.

JDMW - 900R chromated

Anticorrosive coating with high durability