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Antenna 2,4 GHz Sector Box 15V Revse Antenna Box 2.4 GHz 14 dBi Outdoor

Antenna 2,4 GHz Sector Box 15VH Dual Revse

product code: #AX11325


Antenna 2,4 GHz Sector Box 15VH Dual Revse

15 dBi, Horizontal: 180° / Vertical: 17°, 2 x SMA (Female) Connector, Box for RB411/433, Dual Polariza

Product description:

Double sector antenna for the frequency of 2,4 GHz with a pouch integrated. This inbuilt box allows for installations of the most popular devices inside, as RouterBoard 411, 433, 711, Alix, Ubiquiti and others with comparable dimensions. Antenna has a gain of 15 dBi and a horizontal beamwidth of 120 degrees. It’s predicted for 802.11a/n 2x2 MIMO 2,4 GHz base stations which radiate one MIMO signal beams in the vertical polarization and the secend in horizontal polarization. Thanks to utilize of only one polarization for both transmitted signals, increase of transmission doesn’t involve the other polarization. It allows to save available radio spectrum and make possible to use MIMO antennas advantages in strong urban enviroments (halls, warehouses). Works excellent in case of the client installation with a signle polarity 802.11b/g antenna (better transmission and better SNR factor), a single polarity 802.11n antenna (better transmission, SNR factor and faster transmission up to 150Mbps) or two antennas with the same polarization – 2x2 MIMO (better transmission, SNR factor and transmission increase up tp 300Mbps). Radiators matrix is located between an aluminium back shield and front shield made of durable and low-attenuated ABS material. It protects the antenna from bad weather conditions and guarantees durability and parameters constancy during operation time. Solid mounting system with an U-bolt ensures stability and high resistance against strong wind. In addition it allows for antenna tilting for setting range and minimize interferences from other wireless networks. Antenna has DC ground inbuilt, this protects a radio card connected with the antenna.
Gain 15 dBi
Operating frequency 2.4 - 2.5 GHz
Vertical beam width 17 degrees
Horizontal beam width 120 degrees
Connector 2x SMA (Female) socket
Polarization vertical + horizontal