Axuse Group: Distribution of Ubiquiti Networks, MikroTik / Routerboard, TP-Link

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     Unifi AC Lite Product code: AX12019
     Unifi AC Long Range Product Code: AX11975
     Unifi AC Pro
    Product code: AX12021

    hAP AC Product code: AX12016
    hAP AC Lite
    Product code: AX11978
    mAP Lite
    Product code: AX11977

     Litebeam AC Sector  Product code: AX12023
     Litebeam AC                            
     Product Code: AX12022

15 Mar 2016

6V and 12V Battery

    Battery AGM 12V 7Ah - 7,85 Euro

    Product code: AX11666

    Battery AGM 12V 18Ah - 21,49 Euro

    Product code: AX11811